Dox Thrash, Griffin Hills, 1940. Baltimore Museum of Art 1942.35_4

Dox Thrash, Griffin Hills, 1940. The Baltimore Museum of Art: Presented to The Baltimore Museum of Art, November 14, 1941, on behalf of the colored citizens of Baltimore, through offices of the Art Committee of the Women’s Cooperative Civic League of Baltimore. The following persons contributed to the gift: Willard W. Allen; William Anderson; Courtland L. Brown; Marse O. Calloway; Mrs. R. Garland Chissell; Dr. John R. Coasey; Coppin Teachers College, Demonstration School; William B. Dixon; Dr. Mason A. Hawkins; Dr. I. Bradshaw Higgins; Dr. D.O.W. Holmes; Dr. Robert L. Jackson; Mr. and Mrs. J. Logan Jenkins, Jr.; Dr. Y. Henderson Kerr; Mollie L. Killion; Edward S. Lewis; William H. McAbee; George W. McMechen; Dr. and Mrs. George B. Murphy; Marion S. Pollett; Furman L. Templeton; Rev. C.J. Trigg; Lillian H. Trusty; Dr. H. Maceo Williams; Dr. Isaac H. Young., BMA 1942.35. © Estate of Dox Thrash. Image used with permission of the Baltimore Museum of Art.

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